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Professional Snow and Ice Dam Removal


Timely, professional, and thorough

We have been using Gopher for snow plowing for 9 years now to clear out our apartment buildings.  They have always been timely, professional, and thorough.  Time is always the test of good quality service and they have proven to us time and time again that they are someone we can trust.  Thanks!

We've always been satisfied

LP Gas would like to recommend Gopher to anyone looking for a new snow plow company to take care of their needs.  We have always been satisfied.

John, LP Gas

Minneapolis, MN

Always on time and courteous

We bought our apartment buildings from a private party about 4 years ago.  When we asked him who he used to remove the snow from the buildings, he told us to stay with Gopher to do it.  Boy are we glad we did.  Always on time and courteous to our renters.  Thanks!

NP Management

St. Paul, MN

Met our expectations and then some

We are a management company.  We manage residential and commercial properties for our investors.  Last year the ice dams were really building up on our properties.  We called Gopher to help us, and they sure did.  They met our expectations and then some.

REI Property Management

Bloomington, MN

How easy was that

Oh yes, the good old ice dam problems of last year.  Man, I was in a panic.  I had water coming in my house and had no idea what was going on.  I was told by my neighbor to call Gopher.  I did.  How easy was that.  They came with their steaming machine and removed the ice by melting it off my roof.  The water stopped leaking.  Nice job, Gopher!

Took care of it while I was at work

I am a school teacher.  I have to be to work.  The water was leaking into my house and I didn’t have time to meet the Gopher Crew.  Luckily, they were able to take care of it while I was at work.  I don’t know what I would have done without their help.  They did the job without me meeting them there and were able to charge my credit card once I approved their work.

Jennifer T.

Plymouth, MN

Removed my ice dam within one day

Gopher was able to make it over to my house to remove my ice dam within one day.  Justin was so easy to deal with and he did such a professional job.  I will call them again if I need an ice dam removed.

Wow! Did they save me money

I own a commercial building in Shakopee.  I had leakage around all my mechanical units on the roof.  I called a roofing company and they said I needed an entirely new roof.  I then called Gopher to look at it, and they told me the roof was fine.  Just needed to get the ice off the roof, because it was backing up the water.  Wow, did they save me some money!  They steamed the scuppers out and the water was able to run off the roof.  Thank goodness for honesty.

Ken Webber

Shakopee, MN

I decided to be proactive

It seems that ice dams happen every year on my house.  I decided to be  proactive and have Gopher always remove the snow when we get a buildup of over 4 inches or more on the eave edges of the roof.  It seems to be working.  Ice dams have not formed for a couple years now.  Price is right compared to interior ceiling damage in the past.  Thanks Gopher Crew!

Reliability, responsiveness, and personal attention

Ice dams can be unpredictable.  I found that out soon after moving to Minnesota in 1985 when they formed on the flat roof covering a second story addition that was invisible from the ground.  A friend suggested Gopher.  They were at the house within a few hours to open a channel and the next day to remove the ice.  They showed me what to look out for, and how to remove as much snow as I could reach safely with a roof rake.  Over the years as ice dams occasionally formed, they have been as responsive as they were on that first visit.  And, always at a reasonable price.  Reliability, responsiveness, and personal attention.  Who could ask for more?

Margaret Thomas

Minneapolis, MN