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Professional Snow and Ice Dam Removal

Frequently Asked Questions About Ice Dam Removal

Yes, we are insured and bonded.

We have a large fleet of equipment, including steam machines to safely remove ice dams from a roof like yours reducing the risk of damaging your structure.  We can often remove an ice dam from a roof the day of your call or the day after.   It is usually no more than two days before we can be to your property.  Please call our business number 612-331-3713 for a better idea of timing to get to your job.

Yes, We have a 2 hour minimum charge.  There is a large list of small details that need to be followed to get your job up an running and the ice removed from the roof of your home or business.  The same details need to be performed at the end of the removal to make sure we leave your property just as it was when we got there.  To do it correctly and to properly pay our qualified technicians, we need to charge a certain amount for our services.

Ice dam removal usually takes between 2 to 4 hours.  The average cost for professional ice dam removal with a steam machine by a knowledgeable technician is between $1,000.00 and $2,000.00.

We bill in 30 minute increments after the 2 hour minimum.  The billing starts once we arrange the removal strategy with the customer.   We start billing once we start connecting our ice dam removal steaming system to your property by water and electricity. 

Before we arrive to your house, in order to make our ice dam removal process move forward efficiently, we ask that you make sure the following things are ready:

  1. Make sure outside water connection is not frozen and is accessable by removing the snow in this area.
  2. Make sure the outside electrical outlet is in working order.
  3. Make sure you have shoveled all sidewalks around your house if possible.
  4. Make sure you have located your AC unit on the outside of your house so you can direct our technicians to be careful when removing ice in this area.
  5. Make sure all grills, yard furniture and flower pots have been removed from all working areas if possible.
  6. Make a list of questions you want to ask our technicians.
  7. They will bring all their own tools and ladders, so remove your tools from the work area if necessary.

Yes, we can provide you with the same service as if you were able to meet us.  We would ask for some preparation of your home before we get there and access to electric and water from the outside of your home.  It is always best to meet, but we understand the busy lives we all lead.

We only use steam to remove ice dams from your roof.   It is the safest and most efficient method for ice dam removal.  We do not use hammers or any sharp tools because this can damage your roofing shingles and also your aluminum gutters.

We do, but we need some help from you.  We will ask that you either email or text pictures to our estimators so we can let you know the estimated costs involved in your removal.  We are not able to visit your site before the project is started because of the volume of calls we receive during these urgent times for service to all of our customers.  Our technicians can remove 10 to 15 feet of ice dams per hour with our steam machines.  Even though our estimate may not be an exact price, we will be able to give a close pricing to help you understand the costs involved in removing your ice dams.

You can pay with a check, credit card, or cash. We prefer that all transactions be paid by check or cash. We do accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover if you prefer to pay by credit card or debit card.  We charge a 3% convience fee on all credit card transactions.

Yes, we can work with your insurance company to negotiate your ice dam removal and any repairs.    We are very familiar with the process of the insurance industry. In most cases, the insurance company will not pay for the ice dam removal. 

You can choose to do nothing.  That may not the best decision.  If the ice dam builds, it may eventually cause water to leak into your house causing damage to walls and ceilings.  Some insurance companies will not pay the claim based on your lack do diligence to avoid the damage. 

You definitely can remove ice dams from a cedar shake roof.  We just want to let you know that it takes about twice as long as a asphalt roof because the roof becomes very slippery for our technicians.  And, because the way cedar shake roofs are installed you can only steam in a downward direction all the time.  This process is slower.

We offer Military/Veterans discounts as well as Seniors discounts for ice dam removal! Please let us know when booking your appointment.  If we have a coupon discount in place at the time your job is to be completed that will be offered to you also.

Even if an ice dam is removed, if the conditions are right for another formation, it will come back.  Once the dam is removed, the best way to try to prevent another formation is to make sure the snow is always removed from the slope of the house.  This is a service we can offer you.

Just ask them one question when interviewing them over the phone.   “Does your machine have a squeezable trigger on the pressure nozzle at the end of your Pressure hose?”   If they say yes, it is a hot pressure washer.  You do not want to use this type of machine because it uses 70 percent more water to remove the ice dam.  The more water used, the higher probability it may cause damage to the inside of your house. 

They are very effective.   If there is snow on your roof or even the bottom 4 feet of your roof, ice dams have a much lower percentage of forming.  The trade off is, you may damage your roof.  Be very carful when using roof rakes.

We offer a snow shoveling service.  You can schedule this to happen every time is snows or you can use us on an on call basis.  It is up to you.  We charge per hour to remove snow from your roof and clean up the sidewalks below once we are done.

"Oh yes, the good old ice dam problems of last year. Man, I was in a panic. I had water coming in my house and had no idea what was going on. I was told by my neighbor to call Gopher. I did. How easy was that. They came with their steaming machine and removed the ice by melting it off my roof. The water stopped leaking. Nice job, Gopher!"
Mike Kunz
Minneapolis, MN